There was another strip between the last one and this one that I decided last minute to cut out. And by last minute, I mean that I had the sneaking suspicion that I should scrap it as I was sitting down to draw it. But as it turned out, I’d really already accomplished what the cut strip set out to do (i.e., making the point that the Sprites aren’t really allied with Berry at all, and that he is, in fact, alone in his weird little crazy bubble), and also I’ve been getting the sense that it couldn’t hurt to move a little faster toward this story’s resolution. I don’t want to see Berry acting like a completely insensitive idiot forever, either. Trust me. :)

Now. What horrible convenience store snack would motivate *you* to win a bet? Tell me about it in the comments!

(Mine would be seven layer bean dip Combos. I know they’re gross and that I’m a monster, but I’m sure I’m in good company…)