Well. That’s it. :)

This feels so strange! Making a Juniper strip has been a Sunday tradition for five years. So much work and love has gone into this project. I’ve learned so much about comics as a medium, and about minimalist writing. Looking at those first strips make me cringe, but I would not be here if we hadn’t done those first rough ones.

Many comics last longer than this one, and many people have made way more strips in five years than I have. But I’m proud of myself not only for doing this, and doing this, and doing this for years, but also for understanding when it was time to quit. I’m still satisfied with my decision, and it comes as a relief, even if it’s surreal.

I want to thank Sarah Williams, who was my creative partner for the first three and a half years. I want to thank my family and friends for giving me space and me time to work on this project. And I want to thank you guys for reading. I did this for myself, but I also did it for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves. :)

It was hard to figure out an ending for Juniper, because something like this really could follow the characters until they die. And I’m still not sure. Originally, I had planned to do a what-happened-to-the-characters post. However, I know that doing that might not feel good to some people, and some creators have handled that clumsily and in an unsatisfying way. So let’s do a vote in the comments. If more people want me to do a where-are-they-now post, I will. If more folks want me to leave it here, I will. Voting might not feel like it matters in life at large, but it matters here. :) Vote!

I will be constructing some kind of cover thing for the website to notate that the strip is completed, and I will provide obvious links to my other work, and eventually my new project. Keeping this page up is cheap, so it’ll be up for a long, long time. Please, please, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter! I am admittedly bad at Facebook, but I’d love to have you guys stick around for more!

Anyway, I guess that’s all. Thank you guys so, so much for reading. It means a lot to me. :)