I got my Ninja blender for Christmas last year, and for the first month of ownership, I refused to use recipes. I just chucked stuff in there. Carrots? Heck yes! So healthy! Blend em up! Add an apple! Why not? Blueberries are great, too! Antioxidants!

And all my smoothies were thick, puce-colored  liquid garbage.

Then I grew a brain and started making recipe smoothies, and now I can improv them without creating blended horrors. Most of the time…

Oh man. Have you guys seen Gravity Falls? I’m in love with this show! It’s like…everything I ever wanted in a cartoon. Surprising humor, cryptids, supernatural stuff, Kristen Schaal, a gross old uncle guy…it’s like the dude who wrote it grew up just like I did — with Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Ren & Stimpy, and growing up friends with your sibling. His writing is fun and silly, but also gross and occasionally way left of center. It’s got relatable human struggle and ridiculous circumstances that are just plausible enough…ahh. I really could go on forever about it. It’s great. Please take some time to go watch Gravity Falls. It’s a gorgeous cartoon that’s super well written, and has me laughing out loud routinely. Love it!

I’m probably gonna go watch some right meow! Happy smoothie making, friends! See you next week!