I’ve made a decision based on a very nice reader who asked if we had anything Juniper related they could purchase. Currently, we don’t, and that’s mostly because as a team, Sarah and I have been very (overly?) cautious about dropping money on stuff that may or may not have any return on investment. Ergo, assumed absence of interest = no effort made to make merch. However! Maybe you DO want merch. Maybe you’ve wanted it all along! Or maybe you didn’t, but had there been any, you would have bought something because you had a few extra bucks left over after bills, and why the hell not. Either way, I see now that maybe it would be prudent to have faith that you all dig this comic enough to maybe want a sticker, or a poster, or something Juniper related that you can hold in your hands and smooch at night, or whatever. SO. I’m going to work on developing some Juniper stuff that you can trade us dollars for, but I’m going to need a little while to get that stuff done. I’ve basically got everything I want to sell at comic shows made for the year, so after a break, I’ll make you some Juniper things. How’s that sound?

Please tell me if that sounds good in the comments! :) Also, if you want to weigh in on the kinds of items you might be interested in buying, I may or may not take that into account during production. A little nudge in any direction never hurt anyone. :p

Have a good week, everyone! <3