In case the font doesn’t read well in that last panel, Douglas works in IT. As in, a person what fixes your computational devices. “I.T.” looks weeeeird, so I left the periods out at the risk of people reading it “it.” Oh well.

So, this is it! The last installment of Lola’s introduction arc! Man, that was a doozy. I don’t think that I could have written it better at this stage of my creative life, so I’m fairly pleased. Although I’m extremely ready to move on!! Let’s get outta this arc for chrissakes!! Run run run!!

I’m going to go ahead and take two weeks off. I have some stuff coming up that needs my attention, and my motivation and attention have been on thin ice anyway lately. Let’s all meet back here on June 12th!

In the meantime, try reading the arc as a complete unit! You’ve been so patient, and I think you’ve earned it. :) Here you go: THE BEGINNING!

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Thanks for sticking with me, friends. You’re the best.