In general, I have faith that you guys get my metaphors and my intentions, even when they’re wearing funny joke hats. But I’m gonna spout off about this one for a moment.

Ideally, provided that we are not paralyzed with fear and that we are not in actual mortal danger, it is best to go to bat for innocent people who are being mistreated. The alternative is watching it persist from the sidelines, and you know the shat-on party is painfully aware of your inaction. It’s a scary proposition to stick your neck out and help. It scares me, too. But that’s why I lead with “ideally.” :)

I’m just sayin’. Let’s help each other out if we can. Let’s be good friends and good neighbors and good strangers. Ideally. If we can.

Well. That’s enough of that.

Time for me to rest. Since the world is full of darkness sometimes, tell me an uplifting thing in the comments. :)