Maybe this is way worse than the demon Furby of 2012. Would you pee your pants if Jeff Stanley was in your house? I know I would.

Some of you may remember Jeff Stanley the giant spider from last year when he took up residence in Juniper for a single strip to get away from the cold October weather. Well, he hasn’t given up in his game of cold weather survival. A tiny glimpse behind the scenes: in a strip that got scrapped, I wrote that Jeff gets into the house by way of the chimney, which inspired the Christmas nightmare you see before you. YOU’RE WELCOME. :D

Also, I tried really hard this time to get his anatomy a little more…right. I was informed last year by my friend’s lovely husband (an Entomologist) that Jeff’s body was all wrong. And in fact, it was. But in my defense, staring at the underside of a tarantula is taxing work for someone who can’t get over their irrational fear of bugs. X(

Something I really liked when we were designing the house was the magical light fixtures we invented for the rooms. One of those light fixtures is the Sprites, as we know, but another (maybe my favorite) are magical jars of everlasting fireflies that line the staircase up to the second floor. I’ve never really had the opportunity to show these up close, but there you are. Don’t lie. You want one. :)

Only one more strip for 2013! Jeez this has gone fast. We hope everyone who celebrates it has a happy, safe Christmas! See you next week!