It’s been four years since we’ve seen Berry’s parents! That’s plenty often in my book. These two are the worst.

I’m really pleased by the reaction to last week’s announcement. You guys have been really wonderful about the news of the comic ending. Thank you again for that.

This might be old news for some of you that follow me on Twitter, but on Saturday, I penciled a test page for the new project. The scripts not done yet, but I needed something to experiment on, visually. I want to be pretty deliberate about my creative choices. Things like line weight, color pallets, coloring methods, shading, word balloons, even the color of the gutters — all these things will be considered. When we were in the planning phase of Juniper, we didn’t know what we were doing, and we had my hyperactive enthusiasm to contend with, and I think those two things resulted in pushing it out quickly, and winging it almost all the time after that. I don’t think the first Juniper strips are bad. But with this next one, I¬†want to take the opportunity to be as thoughtful and deliberate as possible. I think the results will be cleaner.

I don’t know if I want to show you that penciled page or not. I’m still thinking it over. I’m really proud of it, but I think the best thing to do would be to get over my weird apprehension of being filmed and just do a Patreon, with an explanation video, and throw progress stuff up on there as rewards for patronage. Would you guys be into that?

I just don’t like hearing my own voice, or seeing myself on camera, is all. That’s really what the hold up is. But I’ll get over it and do it if you guys are into it. :)

Tell me your thoughts in the comments! <3