You. Guys! I’m sleeping well again! I’m like…AWAKE! For the first time in months? Years? And it’s weird!

I did a sleep study, and they found out that I have severe sleep apnea during REM sleep, which means I wasn’t getting enough rest no matter how much I slept? But now I wear a thingy on my face that poofs air into my nose while I sleep, and I’m actually *rested.* It’s wild. Un-freaking-heard of.

I could do celebratory karate kicks all day. I really could.

Also, I turned 30 this last week, which is also crazy. Life’s crazy lately. I think I’m okay being done with my 20s, because my 20s were a strange rollercoaster of weird feelings. Maybe my 30s can be more grounded and reasonable.

Anyway! The plot continues, and Berry has stolen a cupcake, and this random girl has cute hair. So.

Tell me in the comments if you’ve ever been sleep deprived!