I think unknowingly, I’ve made a Star Trek reference.


If you know Star Trek at all, you may remember the whoooole Pon farr thing. That’s where Vulcans get *ahem* squirrely every 7 years, and if they don’t *ahem* take care of it, they die. (Spoilers: no one dies in Juniper. Ever.) Dragon mating season wasn’t a thing last year, so I’m thinking…only sometimes. I haven’t decided on an interval yet, because I haven’t decided how often I want to draw SO MANY DRAGONS. “Infrequently” is the easiest answer, so we’ll go with that.


Also, I really like the idea of female dragons being totally nuts. It’s like with bugs: the females are always huge and scary, and the males are always small and nearly getting eaten. Maybe I shouldn’t say “always,” as one of our friends is a bug guy, and would be more than happy to tell me that “always” isn’t the case. But you get the idea. :)

What do you think of beefed-up, tricked-out Douglas? Let us know in the comments! :D

See you next week!