Well, that’s…more than we usually get from Berry. Although asking for a reward for doing bare minimum is…not great. :p

Next week’s is the last strip in this very, ┬ávery, very long arc! I hope you guys liked Lola’s origin story okay. I’ll probably go back to one-offs for a good while after this to shake things up. Anyway, thanks for sticking this out with me. :) It’s been almost a year! Weird, right?

Anyone else feel weird about going to a fast food interview in like, slacks or a dress? Lola would wear this dress regardless, but back when I was 17, I showed up to a Taco Time interview in slacks and felt severely overdressed. Yep, Taco Time. Baby Carrie’s first job!

Anyway, I’ve had a cold for the last week, and I’mmmm gonna go be lazy. See you guys next week for the conclusion of this story!