If you go in the bathroom, turn the lights off, and say it 3 times, an obnoxious unicorn will haunt your house for all eternity. Fact.

We’ve kept Berry’s full name from you guys for over a year. Feel deceived? That’s natural, I guess. But feel better knowing that we wanted you to get to know his character first before we dropped this on you. Hopefully it was effective. :) Also, you can thank Sarah for coming up with “Strawberry Funshine.” She probably doesn’t remember that she thought it up, but I do, and she deserves credit. :)

We’re kicking production into overdrive for the next couple weeks to crank out a buffer, which will help us during vacations so that you don’t have to go a week without a strip. We’re almost 2 weeks ahead, which is a first for us. We’re aiming to have coverage for the 2 weeks that I’m gone, plus PAX. It’s a stretch, but things are looking promising.

And this is why you always start your comic with a buffer. The end. :)

Have a good week, guys!