Violet’s eyeballs are going to pop out of her face and roll away at this rate. :p

Part of me feels very tempted to draw mermaid princesses, because MERMAIDS and PRINCESSES. I’m sure that’s been done a thousand times, but I’ve┬ánever been very discouraged by the whole “there are no new ideas” thing. It’s fine. Let’s all draw mermaid princesses! I don’t care. :p

I’m gonna leave it there for now. As you may have read last week, I’m writing to you from the distant past (like almost two weeks ago!), and I’m pretty tired from hauling ass to get a buffer finished before my vacation.

Time for a vote! If I did draw a princess mermaid, put your two cents in in the comments. The most votes wins, and I’ll draw you guys a mermaid Disney princess when I get back from vacation. Pinky promise. :)

See you next week!