No one’s perfect. Some of us are grumps, and some of us are sorta pushy. It’s part of life, and it’s part of this comic strip. So there you go. :)

I had a lot of fun at Lilac City Comic Con last weekend. If you’re here because we met there, a thousand times welcome! Bookmark me so we can be friends forever! :D

While I was there, I sold some stuff and drew some stuff and saw some stuff…there was a lot of stuff! And a lot of super interesting, funny people. I don’t make a whole lot of money at conventions, but I sure like meeting people and putting my arts in front of their vision spheres and drawing them pictures. :3

My next thingie is Rose City Comic Con, where I’ll be sharing a table with Robert Tritthardt from Overcast with a Chance of DOOM! So that’ll be fun? Also, Portland, which will be the farthest I’ve traveled for art. Weeee! If you’re going, I hope we can hang out! Put me on your calendar. B)

Anyhoo, see you next week, friends! <3 Tell me about your favorite super hero in the comments! (I don’t think we’ve done that one yet?)