Dave Kransky, everybody. The most boring seventies ghost.

T-minus 1 month until I kick off a new story to introduce a new character! I hope you’re excited, but more importantly, I hope that you like them. I do, that is for sure, but I hope we all do in the end. :p Right now, I’m trying to finalize design work and tighten up my writing so that it’s as good as it can get before you put your eyeballs on it. Robert has been helping workshop my colors some, because as we all know, colors are my weak spot. Never hurts to ask for help.

But for the rest of you, the new character will remain a mystery. You’ll just have to writhe around on the floor in anticipation until the end of July, you poor babbies, you.

And also, Mulan Ugly Concubines won the princess mermaid contest! Mostly because two people in the comments wanted it, but also because that sounds hilarious. Good on you, voters! I swear I’ll get on that soon. Maybe this week! Last week (and weekend) I was suplexed by a cold, so I get a pass on that. :p

I’ll post links here to my Tumblr post of those nasty mermaids when I have them done, so keep watch!

That’s it for now! Byeeee!