I’m just now imagining Berry’s version of a Justice Warrior as some kind of Sailor Moon thing. Probably because Sailor Moon Crystal has been straight up melting my brain. :D

We’ve never really talked too much/at all about the boys’ relationship to Mavis. And here, I’m thinking that they kind of adore her, and want everything to turn out right for her. Because she’s a sweet old lady! And sweet old ladies shouldn’t get crapped on by mean old ladies. And if she won’t stand up for herself…well, then, I guess Berry will have to.

Berry’s got to care about something besides himself. He cares about Douglas, of course, but I feel like he’s in danger of becoming a flat character if he mostly only cares about himself or his own interests. I like him selfish, don’t get me wrong. There’s some good funny stuff to be had there, and I’m not ready to give that up, maybe ever. But he’s got to stick his neck out now and then for someone else. I think it’s important. So think of this story as exploring another side of Berry we haven’t seen just yet. :)

We’ll do a nice, pallet cleansing Berry-being-an-a-hole strip after this story, just so you can get that sweet taste out of your mouths. Don’t you worry, readers. :p

That’s it for me! Have a decent week!