Backgrounds *and* three characters in three out of four panels? You guys are getting spoiled. :p

The next two will be a little light on background detail because 1.) They’re conversation strips, not exploratory strips, and 2.) I gotta crank two of these guys out this week so that I can get ready for Rose City! Raise your internet hands if you’re going! I’m tabling with Robert, so I will very sneakily be under his name in on the map/program dealie. But I promise I will be there. :)

And I will be there with the brand new Juniper poster! But it will also be available on my Etsy store after I get back, so even if you can’t make it, you can buy a poster.

Posters, guys. We’re on our way. Also, I’m designing a pack of Juniper stickers! But, as usual, I’ve decided to do them in the most time consuming, painful way possible, so maybe I’ll start talking about those around December or January.

We can hope…

Anyway, I’m about to go do a sketch commission someone bought from me! With actual pencils and pens and markers! Weeeeird!

Say some things in the comments! You make up the prompt this time. ;)