This is a World of Warcraft story, if that wasn’t immediately apparent for some of you. Juniper isn’t a gaming comic, so I figured I’d better lead off with that. :) The symbol on his mug is the logo of the faction he plays in the game. Let’s call that faction the “Horde.” Just for fun.

And also because that’s what it’s called.

Douglas’ Horde mug has shown up twice in the comic as a prop (search the archives for it, if you feel so inclined!) I like to sneak nerd culture into the strip because I’m way entrenched myself, and while Juniper isn’t a gaming strip, I wanted to write in some way about my recent tumble from the WoW wagon.

What I’m saying is that I got a new subscription, and I’m currently scratching that WoW itch that’s been sitting unscratched for the last year.

I’m not an addict (in fact, I hardly have any time to play. I’m so busy! T__T) but it did feel a little clandestine to renew my subscription. I told people in a hangdog sort of way that I’d started playing again because I felt oddly…guilty? I know that WoW is ridiculous, but it brings me joy, so whatever,  I guess. :p


I remember that at least one of you recognized his mug when it showed up, and if you’d ever wondered what race and class Douglas plays, now you know! (He’s a tauren elemental shaman, if anyone cares. Weee!)

Also, one last nugget for the WoW players — I had NO idea that there was a designated onomatopoeia for the Murloc noise! I started to just make something up, and then my husband stopped me and showed me…the truth. Jeez, dodged a bullet there!

Aaaaanyway, those of you who aren’t gamers, come back next week for a more accessible installment of The Mug of Everlasting Nostalgia! Literally no references to things you might not know about, and zero inside WoW jokes! :D

Have a great week!