Annnnnd that really is all! I know a lot of you wanted Violet and Douglas to have a baby, but I myself am not maternal, and so it wasn’t a priority for me to give them babies. I hope my explanation for why they didn’t was at least amusing. :)

Thank you all again so much for reading. I’ll put up a splash page soon to lead people around to the beginning of the story, and to my other projects. I hope you’ll follow me on social media to get word about what I’m doing and when to look out for my new project.

The next comic I’ll do is called Lucid. It’s going to be in full pages, with no particular update schedule. The story is serious and sort of creepy, and it will be about 100 pages long. It’s about a woman named Marla who has to save her brother from a deep coma by¬†their shared¬†dreams and fighting the evil that has captured him. Depending on my production pace, it should take somewhere in the neighborhood of two or three years to finish. Then it will probably get printed in a book. But first, I’m going to take a break, get my new computer up and running, build the website, and then see about posting. Got a few months of waiting ahead of you, but I hope to see you all there!

Many hugs! Love you guys! <3