When my sister and I were kids and it was spaghetti night, we’d put some of our spaghetti on buttered bread and make *spaghetti sandwiches*. So there’s precedent for this weird behavior, but neither of us have ever put pad thai on bread before, which makes Berry a noodle sandwich pioneer.

I’m entering a t-shirt design contest for Scott Kurtz’s Table Titans! :D Hopefully I’ll have my final design available to rate by next weekend, but go ahead and bookmark this link now for when it’s up:¬†http://contest.welovefine.com/vote.php?id_contest=100 People can rate the designs, you see, and it would be super cool if you guys could vote for my design! If you like it, of course. I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter when it’s time to rate my design, so if you aren’t already following us on there, no time like the present! Follow the links at the right for my Facebook and Twitter stuff. :)

Here’s a little preview of my design. It’s still mostly in messy sketch stage:

Table Titans T-Shirt


So yeah, if you like Table Titans (or just like me), don’t forget to check back and vote for me! :D I’ll remind you all next week, too, because I’m obnoxious. :)

Have a good week, dudes! <3