Yikes, I am out of practice being speedy when backgrounds are involved. But I really feel guilty about not doing much in the way of backgrounds in the recent past. So, here’s my thought: when backgrounds are important, like in today’s strip, I will draw them. Sometimes in great detail. If it’s just a quippy conversation with a joke, maybe no background. Juniper the House is supposed to be a character, though, and I want to have strips that showcase her magical B.S., and that means backgrounds. I promise to be better.

Hey, new character day! Who’s the mystery lady with the thick accent? Why did Juniper open a door for her? Why is collections calling for Uncle Sal, and why is his apartment such a disaster??

Most of these questions will be answered soon. :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first look at our new lady! Discuss in the comments, if you wish! <3