Oh my Gerrrrrd, Comic Con is in four days! Are you excited? Because I am.


So a couple of things!

First: Here is a map of where I’ll be all three days of ECCC! Save it and print it out, and snuggle it when you sleep!


I will have fun promo flyers for free, and sampler booklets for sale on the cheap, and I will do sketches for you, also on the cheap! You can also pick up the first Overcast with a Chance of DOOM! book while you’re there to get all caught up on the archive!

I know you guys have probably never seen my dumb face before IRL, but I’ll be the boyish looking girl with the faux-hawk next to the guy with the huge white dreads. :) Visit me and chat me up! I’m super nice, and super excited to meet you!

Second thing: because of ECCC, I will not have time to color the next Juniper strip until Monday. So don’t expect to see the next strip until Monday evening at like 9pm Pacific time! Just a heads up, because you know I love you. -3-

The best way to follow my ECCC shenanigans and to get updated on when the next strip posts is *Twitter*! So follow me now while you’re thinking about it!

That’s all for this week! See some of you (hopefully) at Comic Con, and I’ll see the rest of you Monday evening! Have a great week!