Well, look at that. I remembered Douglas’ Necro-tat.

I’ve been horrible about that. I apologize for the inconsistency, dear readers.

I think this is the first time we’ve experimented with sepia to suggest a flashback. I kinda like it! I eyeballed it, as I do most things because I like everything being harder than it has to be, but I’m sure there’s a nice Photoshoppy way of doing it that takes three seconds. Regardless, I think I’m a sepia fan. The only thing it’s missing is the crackly audio of an Olde Time film reel. You can pretend you can hear it, for me. ;)

Hey, I made a Tumblr! If you want to see things that I’ve been making that aren’t Juniper or Chance of DOOM!, you can check out www.carriepotterart.tumblr.com¬†for funsies. I’ll be posting illustrations and unrelated comics over there. There’s only one post right now because it’s still a little babby of a blog, but just you wait…soon it will be a treasure trove of my garbage thoughts. :)

Now for your weekly comment question…what song or artist or song by an artist would you destroy a house to get out of YOUR head? I think you already know what mine is!

Have a great week, dudes!